Cyber Attack on Jimbos Protocol: Security Collaboration & Crypto’s Ongoing Security Battle

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Following a recent cyber attack on Arbitrum-based Jimbos Protocol, the platform is seeking assistance from security researchers and on-chain analysts who previously collaborated in investigating similar incidents that targeted protocols like Euler Finance and Sentiment. “We are already working with multiple security researchers and on-chain analysts who helped with both the Euler Finance and Sentiment exploits,” Jimbos Protocol announced in a tweet on May 28. They also stated that they will begin working with law enforcement agencies by 4 PM UTC the following day if the situation isn’t resolved.

Earlier in the day, blockchain security firm PeckShield raised concerns when it discovered that an exploiter had bridged stolen funds, estimated at around ETH 4,048 (about $7.5 million at the time), to Ethereum. Preliminary data points toward the hacker exploiting a loophole in the protocol’s code to conduct a flash loan.

Jimbos Protocol later revealed that their collaboration with security experts, bridges, and exchanges has yielded “promising leads, and one in particular.” Their hope is that the attacker will “voluntarily cooperate – before they have no choice but to once we pass their info.” On May 29, the compromised platform extended an olive branch to the suspected hijacker. Simultaneously, it declared its openness to establishing a mutually beneficial understanding and informed the hacker of their intention to “do what we say.”

Their offer contains a combination of incentive and deterrent. “To the attacker: keep a fast $800k payday, and live to tell the tale. We won’t pursue you if you send back the 90%. But if you don’t, we won’t stop until you’re behind bars,” Jimbos Protocol tweeted. They also provided a secure email address for communication with the hijacker.

The Euler Finance hack in March 2023 cost the platform nearly $200 million in digital assets. However, in an unforeseen twist, the exploiter returned a substantial portion of the stolen funds.

With such incidences in the blockchain and crypto space increasing, platforms and experts must team up to develop effective security measures. Jimbos Protocol’s official site describes its $JIMBO token as an “ERC-20 token with a semi-stable floor price” that functions autonomously from the start. The platform insists that no future updates or changes will be made to the $JIMBO after its launch. Nonetheless, this incident highlights the importance of ongoing security assessments and improvements in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with potential threats continuously evolving.

Source: Cryptonews

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